While Lessons For Life has been an effective ministry for over 13 years, it is time to multiply. That’s why Gary Skinner has launched the Life Coach Training Program, to equip those looking to support others in the journey to success beyond prison.

You can become a certified life coach in just 6 steps and help others in your community overcome and succeed post-prison.


The Certification Process


Step 1: Intro Seminar

This is a 6-hour seminar that we offer 3 times per year. Its purpose is to give prospective coaches an introduction to Life-Coaching. This includes a detailed explanation as to the benefits and opportunities available for you as a future Life-Coach, some basic coaching skills that you can begin applying immediately, a first-hand experience to participate in a coaching session, and an open forum for your questions.  

STEP 2: Learn The Lessons

The core book, Lessons For Life, consists of 24 lessons written on a variety of subjects that we have found to be very helpful in coaching others. Your understanding of these topics will provide you with a good framework in coaching your clients effectively.

Step 3: WOrkshops

There are 3 key topics we believe you need to fully understand to become an effective life coach for current and former inmates. 

  1. The Client Story – How to draw out their story, how to understand their story, and how to encourage them through their story.

  2. The Best Questions – Knowing what to ask and how to ask will be critical to your success as a life coach

  3. The Power of Defining Their Thoughts – Assisting them through this process will empower them to make better decisions for their future

STEP 4: Coaching Sessions

These will be coaching sessions for you. Your Coach-Trainer will take you through these sessions for you to experience for yourself what it is like to be coached. Your Coach-Trainer will also use these sessions to give you some behind the scenes explanations to assist you as you move forward in your training.

STEP 5: Practice Sessions

These volunteers can be friends, family or even someone who is currently going through this certification process. The purpose of this exercise is to help you grow in your competency as a coach. Applying the skills you are learning with real life situations will help build confidence and clarity.

Step 6: Evaluations

There is an evaluation form that you will fill out, your volunteers will fill out and your Coach-Trainer will fill out. These meetings will be conducted by your Coach-Trainer for the purpose of evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. The purpose is to help you understand why you are doing well in certain categories and steps you can take to improve in others. To become a great coach is a process.


Gary Skinner

Gary is the founder and visionary behind Prison Talk. For the first classes of the Life Coaches, Gary will be your personal coach and trainer for the curriculum. Through the Online Lessons and high-touch one-on-one private coaching sessions, you will glean nuggets of wisdom from years of successful prison ministry to make you an effective life coach for inmates struggling to break free towards success beyond prison.


The value and support in this life coach training program is substantial but because this is the first launch of the program, you will be afforded the opportunity to become a founding member of the life coach community and have ownership in shaping the program through your feedback along the way.

That’s valuable to us.

That’s why we are offering the life coach training program for just $47 to the beta-class. This price won’t be offered again so don’t miss out on the opportunity to train with Gary directly and become a founding member of the program and life coach in your area.